Small Business Revolving Loan Fund

Are you thinking about starting a small business or expanding your existing small business?  Help is available from the Human Services, Inc. Revolving Loan Fund, which is in its third year of existence.

The program’s goal is job creation, especially in the low-income sector. The program has active loans throughout H.S.I.’s service area: Bartholomew, Decatur, Jackson, Johnson and Shelby counties.

Among the requirements of loan applicants:
  • A rejection letter from a traditional lending source
  • On-line training
  • Consultation with either SCORE or the Indiana Small Business Development Center
  • Collateral to cover the loan, plus a 10 percent personal equity investment
  • A Business Plan
  • Financial projections and two years’ tax returns

The loans, which are 5 percent interest over five years, are for purchasing equipment or vehicles, inventory, outfitting a shop or workspace, start-up expenses – or other expenses that would lead to creation of a job. Loan maximums are $7,500 for a start-up and $20,000 for an existing business.

The loans are not intended for payroll, cash flow, refinancing existing debt or general monthly overhead. Ineligible enterprises include those dealing with political or religious activities, real estate, investment, gambling or those that might be considered offensive to community standards.

The program is funded by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, the USDA Rural Development Office, Heritage Fund – the Community Foundation of Bartholomew County and MainSource Bank.

About the Revolving Loan Fund:

Who is eligible?
The BEED program focuses on micro-businesses (five or fewer employees); RBEG serves larger companies, up to 50 employees. BEED is tailored for businesses in which either the owner or the prospective employees are low-income.

What’s available?
Maximum loans are $7,500 for a start-up business; $20,000 for expansion.

What are the terms?
Terms depend on the individual loan and amount, but generally the interest rate will be 5 percent and the term is five years. Collateral is required and each loan applicant must have a 10 percent equity investment in the loan.

Are there other requirements?
All Human Services, Inc. programs stress self-sufficiency elements. The Revolving Loan Fund requires mentoring and on-line class work before loans are considered.

What are the mentoring requirements?
Mentoring is available in our five counties from two sources at no charge:
  • SCORE: the Service Corp of Retired Executives.
  • Indiana Small Business Development Center: Advisors who are assigned to each county and available for consultation.
Additionally, Human Services, Inc.’s loan fund manager will advise applicants throughout the process.

What are the training requirements?
Training comes in two parts:
  • Personal  finances:  refresher information on budgeting, planning, savings, managing money, credit and other basics available on
  • Business Finance: on-line courses on (Southern Indiana Business) covering starting a business, accounting, marketing and the business plan.

Are there other requirements?

Successful applicants will be expected to provide follow-up reports quarterly on the progress of their enterprise and the number of employees hired.

How can I get additional information?
Contact the H.S.I. Loan Fund manager at 1-800-296-8026. 
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