Coaching For Success

Coaching For Success

Coaching For Success Initiative

The Coaching For Success Initiative moves people forward to a better quality of life.  Our efforts are to build the skills necessary in participants so they may grow in their own abilities to become independent.  Coaching For Success places a strong focus in the areas of income, education and housing.  Coaches and their team actively work with their participant to define their strengths and weaknesses and set short and long term goals.  Moving out of poverty and into a different socioeconomic class requires a support team.  The Coaching For Success Initiative brings that team together for each participant.  

Coaching For Success is a highly collaborative Initiative.  Human Services, Inc. utilizes all community resources in an effort to move participants forward.  Strong, genuine partnerships are forged with other agencies, organizations, faith based groups, businesses and participants.  There is no time limit on this partnership.  Generational poverty doesn't happen overnight... neither does moving out of it. 

*  Housing expense will be less than 30% of gross monthly income
*  Household will be in safe housing
*  Household will be at 200% or above federal poverty guidelines
*  Improved self confidence
*  Strengthened family unit
    Improvement in child(ren) grades
    Improvement in school attendance
    Improvement in parent involvement - family time
*  Stronger community
    Increased family income
    Strong community partnerships
    Strong donor relations
    Community awareness

*Coaching, advocacy, resource navigation and financial support.
*This program requires a high motivation for self-growth.  Application for approval is required.  

    Guidelines:  Households must be at or below 125% federal poverty guidelines.  Participants must demonstrate a willingness to work hard to move forward.  All participants should possess a high level of motivation and a desire to learn and grow.  
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All services are provided without regard to race, age, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, ancestry, or status as a veteran.

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